My name is Peter Russell, and as of December 21, it will be my privilege and challenge to become the next President of The VHA. This position is an important one as we pursue our vision of “Keeping the Dream Alive.” I intend to do that.

My wife, Victoria, and I live in the Village of Pine Hills where we are fortunate to enjoy the many benefits of living in The Villages.  I am originally from northern Maine near the City of Caribou, attended New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire, spent six years in the NH National Guard, and then settled in Contoocook Village, NH for 47 years.  I was fortunate while there to be appointed to many boards and elected to others, giving me valuable experience as I look to my future with The VHA.

Before looking ahead to 2023, I want to look back over the past two years and thank Phil Walker for the excellent job he has done as President of The VHA. Phil led our organization during a pandemic which really put life as we all knew it at a standstill. His efforts as President have allowed us to be successful and move forward. I also need to thank Phil for allowing me some latitude in working with him as Executive Vice President. That latitude will allow us to move forward seamlessly.

Our intention for the coming year is to focus on continuing to provide our existing monthly programs, such as New Resident Night and Golf Cart Safety, as well as Bingo. Our popular “Cutting the Cord” program is being restructured due to the incredible advancements in technology. We hope to have that available during the first quarter of 2023. In addition to these regular programs, we have eighteen educational programs prepared and scheduled, plus general meetings and our quarterly Town Hall. Many of these will be for The VHA members only.

One of our most popular members-only events, “An Evening with the Developer”, is scheduled for May. Thanks to Mr. Morse and his crew for making themselves available for this special evening. Stay tuned for more information on when tickets for the event, held at the Sharon Performing Arts Center, will be available.  Note:  The VHA reserves seats for its active volunteers, including Neighborhood Reps!

Our leadership teams are in place, and I have confidence in their abilities and willingness to work to achieve our vision and mission. We intend to continue with positive, constructive dialogue, problem solving, education, and philanthropic efforts. This can only be done if we communicate both from the top down and the bottom up. We need our members to be engaged with their Neighborhood Representatives when problems arise so they can bring those concerns to our Town Hall forum. With the constructive dialogue we have with community leaders, we can problem-solve and get answers from our Circle of Partners.

Our Board of Directors is also confident we have effective communication tools in place. We have a great relationship with the Daily Sun to keep you informed of our activities via The VHA Voice, a well-developed website by Tangent Media, and yes, even a Facebook page.

Again, I am excited about the future of The VHA, and would welcome any of you with special talents wishing to become involved in the leadership of our organization to contact us. We just might have a position available that is a perfect fit for you.

Peter Russell