Our Spring and summer days have been hot. The days are moving fast and passing some milestones. June 21st we enjoyed the day with the most daylight.  July 4th we were able to enjoy the freedoms of our country. Some enjoyed the day by seeing fireworks, eating food, and relaxing. 

Vacations have started. If you have one planned, I hope, with the cost of travel, you still are able to take it. 

If you have time to ponder a couple of key items, you may wish to do just that:

  • Local and County Elections are Happening this Fall. Who are you going to vote for? Listen to what the candidates are saying. Can they really get it done? The candidates are all qualified based on their past work; it is up to you to choose who is best for local and county government. 
  • The Other Item is Homeowners Insurance and the Coverage You Have on Your Roof. Insurance Companies will tell the Homeowner that they must replace their shingles after a period of time or their roof coverage will expire; typically, it is if the roof is 12-15 years old. New legislation allows for older roofs to still be covered if they are inspected, at the homeowner’s expense, and deemed to have at least five more years of useful life.  If you have not been notified by your insurance company on this issue, please inquire.  

The growth of the Villages has created a need for help in the area of Marketing for The VHA. If you have an interest in helping The VHA in this area, contact Phil Walker at [email protected]

Have a healthy and enjoyable SUMMER,