It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day and Cupid – in other words, LOVE.  This got me to thinking about everything I love about life here in The Villages.

  • I Love the ability to go everywhere in my golf cart, if I feel like it, OR in my car, if I feel like it.
  • I Love that I can show off the landscaping of the boulevards to my visitors.
  • I Love the fact that pedestrians wave thanks when I clearly signal a lane change early and get out around them.
  • I Love seeing how The Villages learned as it grew (e.g., the multimodal paths and tunnels get bigger the farther south you go).
  • I Love how we are members of every country club just because we live here – no exorbitant initiation fee needed. (Also love golfing the executive courses for free.)
  • I Love that we are served by a District Government with elected supervisors, that is regulated by state law, which protects us from some of the HOA abuses seen on YouTube.
  • I Love being able to take my guests to the squares for free music and entertainment.
  • I Love the huge number of flagpoles in folks’ front yards, and the extra lawn flags for patriotic holidays.
  • I Love the mature trees and rolling terrain in my neighborhood, but I also love the palm trees and wide-open spaces in the southern villages.
  • I Love the commitment to the environment and preservation of large wetlands and wildlife sanctuaries and the wise use of retention ponds to not only control flooding, but also to feed birds, alligators, and even some fish.
  • Finally, as a transplanted Wisconsinite, I Love the fact that we live in Florida and can complain about 60°F being cold. It beats shoveling snow.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and a great February,

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 – 1382