Due to the Covid shutdown this past year, the district was unable to have its regular sessions on CDD orientation.  They have created an alternative video class, actually several videos, that is available at the site.  Once on the site the connection to the videos is in a story that is the third one down titled “District Orientation” (at least as of this writing).  They are interesting videos and presentations – simply reading the presentation version is extremely informative.  You can read or watch the videos one at a time, all in one sitting, or over a longer period of time.  It is self-paced. 

The first block in the district orientation series covers the numerous districts that we have.  It carefully explains what each one does and how the alphabet soup of CDD to PWAC is all tied together.  

Anyone interested in Highway Impact fees?  If you go to the Sumter county site: you can see all of the types of construction that are charged a fee.  Caution – this is the schedule that went into effect as of October 2020; it is not the one that was just adopted.  To convert the amount of a fee multiply by 2.5 and then by .7.  Example:  To build a golf course the current fee is $9,323 per hole at 40% of the maximum.  Multiply that by 2.5 to get the maximum and then take .7 (70%) of that to get the new rate.  In this example, a golf course will cost $16,315 per hole to build.

Mike Dollard