I hear two words everywhere I go. “It’s Cooler”.  I have to admit that I am enjoying our weather.  I ask the question, as I anticipate going North to visit for the upcoming holidays, “What’s the weather going to be like?”  I can only guess that while it will be cooler here than the past few months, it will be colder there, for sure.

We want to express again our thanks for the way the residents of the Villages showed their support for our Public Safety Department. The Sumter County Board of Commissioners heard from residents who spoke at Commissioners’ meetings and “Boy, did you show up at their meeting”. The VHA was at work expressing the importance of having our excellent, local VPSD serving OUR community. It was your support that resulted in the Commissioners voting unanimously to retain the VPSD.

After much discussion, we have made the decision to CANCEL the VHA Country Western Hoedown which was postponed and rescheduled for January 2022. The Hoedown was a celebration of Florida’s early days with cowboy stew competitions, music, games and unique exhibitions and vendors.  It was a one-of-kind event that residents around central Florida enjoyed. Hundreds of volunteers worked hard to put on this event and I believe they had fun doing so. I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The decision to cancel was a hard one to make.

Many of those involved, including myself, were passionate about this event. It was a major fundraiser that helped support The VHA’s community philanthropic efforts, educational programs, Golf Cart Safety Classes and our Helping Hands program. We will be looking at other fundraiser ideas to help maintain our efforts. If you have experience in this area or have ideas, share them with us. Contact me.

We know that most of our members and residents are interested in what is happening at the Villages® Hospital.  We will have the new Chief Operating Officer, Heather Long, as our guest speaker at the December General Meeting at Lake Miona.  See our Upcoming Events and Mark Your Calendar info on page 3 of The Voice for more information.


Villagers are traveling more today to visit family and friends, and families and friends are visiting our community. It’s great to see and enjoy their company.  Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, a day to enjoy good food and company, but also a reminder that we can be THANKFUL EVERYDAY for the blessing we have in our family and friends. 

Enjoy the Holiday,

Phil Walker
President, The VHA