I want to start by wishing y’all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It seems the CDC and the government have declared it is safe to gather for the holidays, especially if you are fully vaccinated.  I hope you will be able to spend your Thanksgiving with family and friends.

I had originally planned a meeting on October 25th that was going to be open to all residents of the Far South Area.  After much discussion, I decided to limit the meeting to Neighborhood Representatives and current VHA Members.  If you are interested in becoming a VHA member, or to learn more about the role of the Neighborhood Representative, please contact me either by email or phone.  I’d love to chat with you.

In January, I am planning to have an open meeting where all residents, both members and non-members, will be invited to learn more about the important role The VHA has played in The Villages over the years.  Did you know that The VHA was instrumental in getting Weather Alert Radio coverage to The Villages? 

What role would you like to see The VHA play in the future growth of our community?  What information would you and your neighbors like to have that might make your life in The Villages smother and easier?  For example, what is the role of The Developer; how are Amenity fees spent; what is PWAC and AAC?   You will be surprised to find out the facts, and the important part you can play in the future of this unique community.

Roger Kass, Interim Vice President