This fall we vote on the creation of a fire district specifically for the Villages.  I’ve thought about this a lot, even changed my mind a few times.  I will vote yes; this will be a good thing for us.  Here is why: 

The cost?  You will pay either way, it is just who gets the tax dollars first. One party cannot be cheaper than the other – fuel, equipment and wages are the same if you vote yes or no. The fire budget will be X amount.  If I am billed that under “county tax” or under “fire tax” the budget is still X amount. 

The deciding factor – when the county oversaw the ambulances, we had terrible service and nobody seemed to care.  It slowly got worse and worse; still nothing was done. Tempers flared, example after example of failure but nothing was done. You had your chance (actually, many chances).  It is time for new management. 

Gibberish. Gibberish is speech/writing that is, among other things, meaningless.  It thoroughly describes the political harangues that I am seeing.  I steer around politics when I write this but I will comment on stupid things, and some things are target rich.  

A candidate for a state representative position has been running a campaign that is based on Facebook.  An odd style, but it is one way to do it.  One recent posting railed on about the current office holder, who is someone I do not know and have never met, but is not a candidate in this election.  This candidate has posted several times about this non-candidate.  My question is this: Why?  I don’t care how much he earns, good for him.  This is unnecessary mudslinging.  I would expect this from a person with no honor or integrity.  I think you are above this level.  Please stop.  I want to see elections based on values, not cheap shots and innuendos.  That goes for the media too, in any format.  I repeat, stop the mudslinging, stop the toxic politics. 

Full disclosure, I ran for office here and won.  My campaign was based on who I am and what I would do.  My opponent did the same.  My opponent congratulated me on election night.  I view him as an honorable man. 

P.S.  Best meme I saw about hurricane Ian: Villagers, stronger than any hurricane.  They just can’t master traffic circles. 

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