How to Tell if Social Media is Harming your Mental Health

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Social media has become glaring normal in the last 15 years. Once seen as a fun novelty to connect with your friends and family, modern social media also acts as a brand tool for both companies and individuals alike. As a result, it is increasingly hard to avoid it on a daily basis.

Whilst it can be an amazing tool for connection and inspiration, it can also become easy to compare your life to others, as well as getting stuck in a cycle of having to keep up with the latest trends. When you begin to feel like social media is an overwhelming part of your life, it may be time to look at whether it is still having a positive, uplifting impact on your mental health, or whether it’s doing the opposite without you really realizing.

This guide to social media and mental health from Zocdoc can help you identify some of the problematic symptoms of negative social media use. It can be hard to understand if you need to reduce your time online, but the guide shares tips that use data as a focus point to paint a picture of your social media habits.

For example, regularly rating your mood before and after social media use over a period of time can help you see how it is affecting your mental health. This guide is packed full of useful information to help you take control and use the internet as a positive space.

Things that were uncovered include the following:

  • Positive and negative impacts of social media on mental health
  • Effective ways to balance social media usage and mental health
  • Importance of reaching out for help