Neighborhood Representatives: New Faces

Our efforts to enlist VHA Neighborhood Representatives are beginning to pay off.  The VHA North Area welcomes the following Representatives who have joined us in the past year:

  • Village of Piedmont: Char Potochar, a VHA member since 2018, Representative since April.
  • Village of Santo Domingo: Mel and Cherie Paisley, VHA members since 2014, Representatives as of this month.
  • Morningview Villas and Villas of Merryoak in Calumet Grove: Bob Geckler, VHA member since 2022, and Representative since last fall.

If you want to speak to your Neighborhood Representative, look her/him up at  Have your Villages Resident ID handy to enter the name of your Village and your Unit (both are required).

On Wednesday, June 28 at 9:00 AM, the North Area Neighborhood Reps will gather at La Hacienda Recreation Center near Spanish Springs for our quarterly communication and coordination meeting.  This quarter, CERT will be telling us about their program in support of health and safety in the event of community emergencies. If you think you might like to be active and useful in your community, I would be happy to invite you as my guest to see what our group of volunteer “ambassadors” is all about.  Just email [email protected].

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 -1382