Having Work Done At Your Home?  Here Are Some Things You Need To Do!

 Day after day, Village residents file complaints against unscrupulous vendors who have promised them their dreams will be fulfilled, only to end up with a nightmare because the homeowner didn’t do sufficient research before signing on the dotted line.  To reduce your chances of experiencing one of those nightmares, here are some commonsense steps you can take:

  1. Check First. Before you decide on which business to go with, contact a Seniors vs. Crime office to see how many complaints have been filed against that business.  We are not able to give you any particulars on the complaints but knowing that the business has been in existence for 1 year and already had 10 complaints is what law enforcement refers to as a “clue”.
  2. Licensed and Insured? Almost every business that provides services to homeowners will say they are licensed and insured.  Often, that refers to their pickup truck which has a license plate on the back and insurance papers in the glovebox.  Don’t be lulled into complacency by the words “Licensed and Insured”.  Ask the guy to see his “license” and his “insurance”.  If he can’t produce them, stay away!
  3. Avoid Large Down Payments. If your guy says he needs half down, tell him “No”!  Why would someone need 50% down?  What guarantee do you have that he’ll even come back and start after getting half the money up front?  If he says he needs it to buy supplies or materials, it might mean his credit is so bad he can’t get supplies without paying cash up front.  Negotiate your payment schedule and ALWAYS hold a good chunk of money back with the understanding that the last payment will be made when the job is completed to your satisfaction.
  4. Read The Contract Before You Sign.  Be sure the contract protects you and speaks to everything you want done.  Get a STARTING date and a COMPLETION date put in the contract and stick to it.  There will always be delays due to unforeseen conditions (storms, sick workers, supply chain issues) but most legitimate, experienced contractors will usually be able to work around those issues or they will tell you up front that there may be a problem.
  5. Licensed Contractors? – Check Their License. If your job requires the services of a building contractor, electrician, plumber, roofer, pool installer, or other skilled trade, they most likely require a professional license in Florida and you should always check the status of their license.  The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) licenses those building trades and their website is

If you run into any problem with the work done around your home, Seniors vs. Crime is here to assist you.  Our services are free and any money we get back goes right back to you.  Remember, Call Us First.

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