A Villager’s View

Change and rumors seem to go hand-in-hand.  Even though change is the most constant and prevalent thing in the world, we often find it hard to accept.

Recently, there has been some very vocal “wishing” for a return of Katie Belles to the Spanish Springs square.  As such, there was a presentation made by those favoring its return to the Amenity Authority Committee asking that they, the AAC, consider reopening and operating Katie Belles.  Or, as an alternative to that request, to subsidize the operation of the establishment to make it profitable. 

However, state laws that govern entities such as the AAC, prohibit it from any participation in the operation of a commercial business, which Katie Belle’s was, and would be.  So, while AAC members understand the residents’ desire to “turn back the clock,” they must abide by the law.

Rumors are a part of life in The Villages, but how they get started is often a mystery.  The latest rumor going around concerns the Paradise Recreation Center.  It’s no secret that there are plans being made to renovate Paradise, but this is an ongoing project.  Since there has been no new “news” lately on this project, the rumor mill went into action. 

The latest current rumor, that “Paradise Recreation Center is going to be demolished and the Developer wants to build apartments there,” is completely false.  Is Paradise going to undergo renovation?  Yes.  When?  The exact date cannot be set at this time.  Will there be a “new and improved” Paradise Recreation Center?  Absolutely.  In its present location?  Certainly.  It will also retain all the amenities currently there, including the Mark Twain library. 

Hopefully, this rumor will now disappear into wherever “old rumors” go to die.  But don’t worry – there will always be another one.  That’s life in The Villages.


Oct. 1993 – “We heard – that the Developer is planning to build low-income housing in Sumter County.”  

“False.  There is to be a new type of villa called a Patio Villa in Sumter County.  There will be 112 of these villas priced from $49,995 through $62,995.”  What are those original owners able to sell their villas for today?

Dec. 1993 – “We heard – that people driving over the golf cart bridge no longer have valid insurance on their golf carts.”  Seems a bit silly in hindsight, doesn’t it.

May 1994 – “We Heard – That some of our Villages residents who live in Sumter County believe they cannot use the facilities of The Villages that are in Lake County.”

FALSE – ALL the facilities in The Villages are open to all Villages residents (and still are).  Also, all the various activities scheduled by the Recreation Department are for everyone who are residents of The Villages.  We are one community.