This is my final newsletter article as The VHA’s Interim VP for the Far South Region.  Next month you will be hearing from Dave Fountaine as the new VP.   I was honored to have been asked to rejoin The VHA’s leadership team as the Interim Vice President for the Far South Region.  I can assure you that Phil Walker and the entire leadership team is doing a great job and working very hard to keep your Villages Homeowners’ Advocates in front of the issues.  The VHA has grown, as have the challenges since I was The VHA President from 2006 to 2009.

So many people are moving into this community every month it is a challenge to educate everyone about our unique form of government; The Villages Sales Department does an excellent job with the Newcomers’ Social, and all the literature we receive at closing, but it is easy to be overwhelmed with so much information.  Regardless, it is important to understand the role of The Developer, the District Government, the Recreation Department, the County; and how the cities that incorporate parts of The Villages, fit into the puzzle.  It is different than most of the places many have come from.  The VHA’s New Resident Night can help you sort it all out.

Our February and March programs addressed the Villages Center District.  Our April program will provide an overview of The City of Wildwood geared to homeowners in the Far South that are residents and pay Wildwood city taxes.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday April 27th at the Ezell Recreation Center at 7:00 p.m. The program, which is open to all Villages residents, is entitled, “Welcome to Wildwood”.  Many of us are unfamiliar with The City of Wildwood.  Mayor Wolf and City Manager, Jason McHugh, will explain the City Government, where our city taxes go, as well as the current and future projects in Wildwood.

I’d like to close by acknowledging the numerous VHA members who have volunteered to be neighborhood representatives.  Thank you!  You are the heart and soul of the community.  The Far South area needs more Neighborhood Representatives. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team that is actively “Keeping the Dream Alive”, give Dave Fountaine a call at 716-816-9581.  He can explain the job, the opportunities to learn and help your neighbors resolve problems, as well as the personal benefits of being directly involved in helping your neighbors. In the process, you will learn how The Villages Developer, the District, along with our many partners work together with The VHA.

I have complete confidence in Dave and the leadership skills he has demonstrated.  I will continue to be available to assist The VHA leadership team and Dave in any way I can.  Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy being a Villager and ignoring the pool rumors and those who always find something to complain about.  Remember, “Life is short, enjoy it!”

Roger Kass,
Interim Vice President, Far South