Hi Neighbors,

This month I am writing about things to do indoors that are either physical or mental exercise. In the summer, we can take some of our activity indoors. Sure, we still go to the pool, shop, and golf, but we adjust our time a little. We can go indoors for Shuffleboard, Billiards, and Ping Pong. And there is volunteer led Exercise, Martial Arts, and Dance classes, to get physical activity in.

For a fee, you could join the Fitness Clubs that have the big exercise equipment. They are located inside some of the recreation centers. As of this writing, they are having a three-month membership sale that began in June and ends August 31 that will give you three consecutive months from the time you sign up and pay.  So, even if you wait until Aug 31 to do so, you can use the facilities in Sept, Oct, & Nov.  There are 7 locations. They are Mulberry Grove, Laurel Manor, Sea Breeze, Colony Cottage, Rohan, Fenney, and Ezell.

Another indoor, and important, thing to do, is the great mental exercise of attending our government meetings. Find out which District you live in and go to your Board of Supervisors’ meetings. They are usually held during the day at a recreation center. The board members are elected. You will see some of them on your Ballot in November.  The meeting schedule is available on the District Website home page, , under the heading “Meeting Calendar.”

A visit to one of the libraries is a wonderful thing. The libraries closest to The Villages are the Mark Twain at Paradise Recreation Center, the Sumter County Public libraries at Belvedere and at Pinellas Plaza, the Fruitland Park Library, the Lady Lake Library, and the Leesburg Library. They offer books, magazines, meeting rooms, and more. The Sumter County Public Library website offers two ways to read electronically from home. One way is called Hoopla and the other way is called Axis 360. A county employee buys the New York Times best seller books, and books that trend and get good reviews on Amazon. So, be sure to support your favorite authors.

I like the summer in The Villages. It is a little quieter, the traffic is a little bit lighter, and there is still plenty to do, indoors.

Ellie Decker, Vice President

[email protected]