Let me start out by thanking all of you who help to make The VHA the great organization that it is. It is because of your commitment to “Get Involved” and “Make a Difference” that we are known as an Organization of Excellence. We had our first joint program, which encompassed all The Villages, just two weeks ago. We had over 195 attendees and approximately 904 views on Facebook Live. Those are just awesome numbers to see the program of Landscaping in Florida! Lisa Sanderson, our Residential Horticulture Extension Agent, did an outstanding job in presenting many tips for those who might not be used to the Florida soil and temperatures. In talking with many people leaving Rohan Recreation Center, the consensus was that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the program and came away with some valuable information.

We are going to have a very busy month of May for The VHA. Our first program will be May 8th at The Sharon in Spanish Springs. This is an annual event held solely for VHA members to hear from the Developer about what we can expect in the future as we continue to grow. The program is: Our Community Today and Tomorrow. All you will need to do for tickets is go to any Villages Ticket Office and present your VHA membership card, and you will be given two tickets for this event. The tickets are free to all current members.

Some of the upcoming programs are: Overview of Your Community Watch Department, City of Wildwood Overview, and a new never-before-seen program called Growing and Showing in The Villages. I will leave this program as a mystery, but I can assure you, this is not one that you would want to miss! Please check our website,, for dates and locations.

During a Resident Academy session in April, we were discussing what the VHA has done lately for the residents. This conversation took place with three Neighborhood Representatives and me. One of the NRs is also a District Supervisor. The conversation concluded that we are an organization that has connections and is not afraid to ask questions.

Some recent examples are:

  • Golf updates, where Peter Russell and Dave Fountaine met with the management team to provide you with updated information.
  • Street work in the Village of Hawkins that was being done by the Developer.
  • Street rejuvenation in Citrus Grove that was done by the City of Wildwood.
  • Fencing added to a multimodal path around water, presenting danger at night.

We are stronger together as we work to make a difference and provide information to our residents.

In closing, we would like to welcome the residents of our newest Village of Moultrie Creek in the Eastport area. It’s exciting to see our area grow, meet new friends, and create new bonds. We hope to see you at our upcoming VHA events soon – or at least once you unpack your boxes. We typically have at least one program a month. Please check out our website,, for more information.

“Get Involved – Make a Difference”

Mike Williamson
VHA Area Vice President