Starting in October of this year the meetings for CDD 9, 10 and 11 will be held at Sea Breeze Recreation Center.  The meetings are monthly on the Thursday before the third Friday.  CDD 9 starts at 1:30 PM, 10 starts at 3 PM and 11 goes first at 10 AM.

Did you know that you can rent the sports pool at certain regional recreation centers for private parties?  I am not sure of which regional recreation centers do this so if you are interested in this check with them first.  On the subject of pools there are rules posted at each pool and everyone should be aware of them.  One of them is usually universal – no glassware/glass containers in the pool area.  No exceptions.  Another one that has to be occasionally enforced is no pets in the pool.  Never thought I would have to write that.

I posted this once before and I want to repeat the point – Want to know what is going on in The Villages?  Go to, click on “How Do I?” at the top of the page.  The fourth choice is “Sign up for Email Notifications”.  Select, under the ‘Other’ option, the District Weekly Bulletin, a choice near the bottom.  This is a great news source.

Mike Dollard, Vice President
[email protected]