Two thoughts this month:

Thought 1: Returning from a morning round of golf at Palmer Legends, I rounded the bend approaching the Buena Vista/Belle Meade roundabout and came across a Marion County fire truck protecting two golf carts who appeared to have sideswiped one another or something.  Nobody was visibly injured, but it reminded me of my driver’s ed instructor saying, “Defensive Driving!  Assume the other guy is going to make a mistake.”  Defensive driving is even more important in a golf cart than in a car.  There is no rollover protection; it has a high center of gravity, and it skids easily.  Slow down at curves, corners, and any place where visibility is limited.

Thought 2: My wife told me about her trip to Mangrove Executive Golf Course yesterday, where she again marveled at the pristine living environment we have here.  The flowers, the greenery, the indoor and outdoor recreational facilities – all are amazing.  On my trip today, I took the usual “tunnel to the tunnel”.  That is, the tunnel of trees alongside Saddlebrook Executive Golf Course leading to the concrete tunnel under CR 466.  It is so peaceful and beautiful through there.  Thank you to Harold Schwartz and his heirs for keeping the theme of The Villages alive despite the size of our community.  I sometimes find it easy to point out this fault or that desired improvement, but I do find it useful to keep in mind what a wonderful place this is.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 – 1382