Neighborhood Representatives:
The VHA’s Heroes

The Villages Homeowners Advocates, Inc. (The VHA) may be known for our monthly VHA New Resident Nights, VHA Bingo nights, and VHA Golf Cart Safety Clinics.  Or maybe you think of some of the other educational programs and materials we provide for our members.  But the heart and soul of The VHA is our Neighborhood Representatives.  NR’s are the VHA members most in touch with the residents in their respective neighborhoods and are provided with access to the kind of information that is not easy to find for residents (especially newly-arrived Villagers).

Here is a partial list of what “Reps” do:

  • Share The VHA information, including upcoming VHA programs and events, through conversations and /or email.
  • Attend most monthly meetings of his/her own Community Development District to be familiar with the latest changes.
  • Attend meetings with the Area Vice President to discuss ideas, events, interests, and concerns in their village/villa.
  • Remind neighbors to follow The VHA website, input questions for the quarterly VHA Town Hall, read The VHA Voice, and follow The VHA’s Facebook page, thevha4you.

Of course, it isn’t all just work.  Among other things, NR’s benefit by getting 1 or 2 reserved-seat tickets to the annual An Evening with the Developer, they get a thorough understanding of how to effectively work with their district, local, and county governments, and they feel the pride of making a positive difference for their friends and neighbors.

If you want to speak to your Neighborhood Representative, look her/him up at  Be ready to enter your Village name and have your Resident ID handy so you can enter your Unit (both are required).

And, if you like to be active and useful in your community, consider volunteering to become a VHA Neighborhood Representative yourself.  Just contact me by email [email protected].

Upcoming Events

2023 is continuing to be quite an “event-full” year for The Villages Homeowners Advocates (The VHA) and Villages residents.  Here is a partial listing of events within reach of the North area:

  • May 9, 6:30pm – VHA New Resident Night at Colony Cottage Recreation Center – open to all Villages residents.
  • May 10, 7:00pm – VHA’s Evening with the Developer at the Sharon Morse Performing Arts Center in Spanish Springs – VHA members only – tickets at The Sharon ticket office.

Check the VHA’s “Events” menu above at the top of the page for other programs and events throughout The Villages.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 -1382