Here in the north area of The Villages we need to fill several volunteer positions.

Neighborhood Representatives.  VHA Neighborhood Reps are the primary connection between VHA Members and the organizations that make for our beautiful lifestyle (District Government, the Developer, law enforcement, and county and local government.  We have over 40 Neighborhood Representatives in the North Area, but to offer the best service to our members, we need reps in several District 4 (Marion County) neighborhoods, including:  Villages: Springdale, Piedmont, Chatham, Calumet Grove  and Villas: Bromley, Chadwick, Fairlawn, Phillips, Pinecrest, Soulliere, Sherwood, Sunnyside, Waverly.

If you would like to help your neighbors by providing honest information and by passing their concerns to our Villages partners, please send me an email.  I will reply with a more complete description of the role and arrange to meet with you to answer questions.

Assistant Vice-President.  As we increase our activities to serve residents and especially our members, the job of Area Vice-President is getting bigger.  An Area Assistant Vice-President helps the VP share the load, but also learns a lot about the workings of he VHA and prepares for promotion to Vice-President or other VHA offices (and maybe for elected office at the district, local, or county level).  As with the Representative positions, if you think you may be interested, please email me.  I will be happy to discuss the position with you.

In Other News: I was lucky enough to attend two big events recently.  The first was a Resident Academy put on by our District Government.  I thought I knew a lot about our unique self-governing system, but there was a lot more to learn.  The next Resident Academy will be held on October 17 at La Hacienda Recreation Center.  Sign up at

The second event was The VHA’s quarterly Town Hall meeting where your questions were asked of the Villages Developer, District Government management, Law Enforcement, and County Administration.  The questions and answers are elsewhere in this issue, but there is no substitute for being there in person.  The VHA Town Hall is open to the VHA Board, Officers, and Neighborhood Reps.  (Yet another reason to consider volunteering.)

Finally: For most of August, I will be in the real “Up North”, Wisconsin, so I will not be writing this column.  See you in the October issue.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 – 1382