Greetings from the Central Area,

Well, here we are already in the second month of 2022. When I used to think of February, I would groan about being sick and tired of winter. But that was when I lived up north. The Florida winters produce far fewer moans and groans about weather.

But the romantic in us thinks of LOVE when February comes around. Valentine’s Day (really Saint Valentine’s Day) provides us with a wonderful opportunity to recognize those we LOVE. Generally, giving cards, flowers, and chocolates are great ways to show LOVE.

But there are distinct kinds of LOVE. Certainly, the LOVE we have for our closest family members is different that the LOVE we have for our friends and neighbors.

We in the VHA leadership LOVE the folks who assist us in so many ways in various positions.

This month I am happy to report that we have three new Neighborhood Representatives in the Central Area. This is the kind of news that I LOVE to report.

  • Judy Holleran is the new Neighborhood Representative for the Village of Bonnybrook. Judy can be reached at [email protected] or 323-363-3468.
  • Louise Goodman is the new Neighborhood Representative for the Village of Buttonwood. Louise can be reached at [email protected] or  630-842-9926.
  • Paul Verciglio is the new Neighborhood Representative for the Village of Lynnhaven. Paul can be reached at [email protected] or 716-533-9227.

Judy takes over the position that has been held by Ray and Pat Adams. Louise takes over the position that has been held by Bill Danner. Paul’s is a new position as we did not have a Neighborhood Representative in Lynnhaven.

We have LOVED having Ray, Pat, and Bill as part of The VHA leadership. They have given us years of faithful service and for that we extend our thanks and best wishes for their future.

We would LOVE to have additional Neighborhood Representatives.  There are benefits to being a Neighborhood Representative.

  • Neighborhood Reps can attend The VHA Town Hall meetings.
  • Neighborhood Reps receive 1-2 tickets to the “Evening With the Developer” before they are available to our general membership at the box offices.
  • Neighborhood Reps can take pride in their involvement in a positive, constructive homeowner’s group that advocates for VHA members and The Villages residents.

We would LOVE to hear from you about being a Neighborhood Representative.  If you are interested, just visit and fill out the form in the Volunteers pull-down menu.

Stay safe and healthy,
John Dean, Vice President