July 18, 2023 I attended a VHA meeting where Captain Robert Siemer, Sumter County Sheriff’s Supervisor, discussed the concept of the “9pm Routine”. This was my first time hearing about this safety concept that was created in Pasco County, FL, and has gone viral nationwide.

The “9pm Routine” is aimed at reducing preventable crimes, particularly theft, by encouraging people to follow a set of safety practices every night at 9 pm. It involves checking and securing house doors, windows, car doors, and trunks, as well as turning on outside lights to deter criminals who target easy opportunities. By adhering to this routine, Villagers can enhance their situational awareness and protect themselves from crimes of opportunity.

First we must set our alarm clocks, smart phone, or watch to 9pm.

  • Remove all valuables from your vehicles
  • Check your cars, golf carts to ensure the doors and trunks are locked
  • Check all your house doors & windows to make sure they are securely locked
  • Turn on your outside lights

Theft across the U.S. is on the rise, locking up and SITUATIONAL AWARENESS are ways to avoiding victimization. Criminals look for easy targets, we can deter them them by following the “9PM Routine”! Let’s build community engagement and leverage the 9PM Routine to keep each other safe and secure.

Remember, if you notice something suspicious, “See Something, Say Something” and you can contact the Village Community Watch phone number at 352.753.0550 or call 911 for immediate action.


Tweet Coleman
VHA VP, Central Area