I’m focusing on a gentle reminder for all residents to pay attention to what your District’s Supervisors are doing with your money and your future.  You are responsible to keep a close eye on what’s going on around you.  Read the minutes and attend your meetings.  Your elected Supervisors have a responsibility to do what’s in your best interest!

Speaking of that, if you live in District 7 (CDD-7) you might want to start attending your Board of Supervisors meetings.  Ask them what resident value has been provided by their spending an additional Tens of Thousands of your dollars to hire their own Attorney.  Why were they the only Board out of thirteen not approving the creation of a Project Wide Advisory Committee (PWAC) South.  That decision is adding significant costs to the PWAC North budget that could have been avoided.  They believe withholding their vote, because a unanimous vote is required, gives them leverage, for what?  Something’s amiss and it’s costing you lots of your money.   

I’m sure they will provide some self-serving answer about how they are trying to make the system more favorable to the Districts.  CDD-7 Supervisors must believe they are more capable than our professional District Staff, and want to have more control.  If that’s the case why did all the rest of the District Supervisors approve the creation of a PWAC South of CR-44.  This is about power, ego, feeling disrespected and a small group spending a lot of your money, and in the opinion of many unnecessarily.

They sent a letter asking Sumter Landing Community Development District (SLCDD) to meet directly with them and were told that recommendations for change come to SLCDD through the Project Wide Advisory Committee (PWAC).  If they can’t convince the PWAC members of the legitimacy of their suggestions, why do they think they should jump the chain of authority?  This really sounds very much like the “Tail Wagging the Dog.”

It’s notable that there are three Supervisors in District 7 who have terms that are up for election this November.  Maybe some residents need to give strong consideration to stepping up and running for office.  If you’re interested call our District Government and they’ll tell you how.  Remember, it’s your money they’re spending!