I really do miss the North Georgia Mountain weather right now! Not that I am from there; it is just a nicer topic to begin with rather than starting with how HOT it is in Central Florida, and speaking of HOT, that is the word for some of our VHA programs.

Please join us for our next VHA program on Thursday, July 25th @ 6:00pm at Ezell Recreation Center. This is a new program with The Villages Grown and The Sawgrass Show Kitchen. Executive Director Drew Craven will dazzle you with what is being grown and processed right here in The Villages. You might have noticed all the greenhouses on Highway 44 and Morse Boulevard – this is your opportunity to learn about the non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown there. You will learn about the speed that these items get to our local restaurants and stores vs. local produce we purchase elsewhere. This is an opportunity for you to see this program firsthand from an expert.

Chef Scott Copeland, the original Sawgrass Show Kitchen chef, will use the freshness of these and like items to create the most amazing meals. Chef Scott will take you on a journey of absolute delight with some cooking demonstrations, pairing of certain foods, new techniques, and intriguing cuisines. This too is an opportunity to experience firsthand what our VHA programs try to offer our residents.

You can register for this program at:

For those not able to attend, this and our other programs can be viewed on our VHA website and Facebook page.

Mike Williamson
VHA Vice President