Hello All VHA Members,
The year is moving by quickly even though we are not in­volved in travels or many of our usual Village events. Hallow­een will give us a chance to deco­rate our homes, but if you are like us, we don’t have a lot of visitors coming who will enjoy our efforts.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for hanging in there with us and to let you know we are still working on your behalf. One example is our upcoming Town Hall meeting on October 21. Your questions are once again welcome, and are due to us by October 13. If you want answers for issues that concern you, we will get them from “the horse’s mouth” so to speak; The Developer, Sheriffs Department, Recreation, and the District. Their feedback will be published in the November issue of The Voice.

Joan Testa, Vice President North Region, is leaving the position to follow other opportunities. Joan has done a fantastic job establishing programs and effectively communicating with North residents on issues. Thank you, Joan, for your seven years of hard work.

We continue to plan for the future. The VHA, VHA Community Foundation and VHA Helping Hands are all doing what they can today, but, as stated in their recent President articles, our focus is on moving ahead as soon as possible with plans for the future.

One of our future initiatives involves our partnership with The UF Health Hospital Auxiliary. The VHA has been an active supporter of the Auxiliary Foundation for many years. We have promoted and supported their annual Black-Tie event which is one of their major fundraising events. Unfortunately, this event will not take place in 2021, but an alternative fundraiser will be held as we team with the Auxiliary to promote a Virtual Gala fundraiser. Note the article by the Auxiliary on Page 3 that further explains how the event will work, and the details you will need to know to participate.

In addition, we have committed to continue to endorse their Pandemic Preparedness Fund. In excerpts from a recent letter to them, I affirmed: “In these uncertain times, it is essential that we, as a community, ensure that we are as prepared for future emergencies as we are during the pandemic today. Supplies and equipment are often in short supply in times of crisis. There are virtually no emergency situations when the hospital and its health care workers would not be essential. As The Villages® continues to grow, having the PPE and other supplies available would ensure that our community will be in the best possible position to handle the inevitable. We should all be in this together.”

To donate to this worthy cause, go to, select “DONATE NOW” and designate your gift to the Pandemic Preparedness Fund.