Do you have an Apple I Phone?  At the start screen (where you put in your password) did you ever notice there is the word “Emergency”? It will be in the lower left part of the screen.  

If you tap that, you can put in your name and lots of information that would be great for 1) First Responders, or 2) If you lose your phone. Whoever has it can’t get past that point, but if someone finds it, or if you cannot answer in an emergency, it can be extremely important. Go, take a minute, and fill it out. Have an Android phone? I do not know but it probably has something like that. 

On the topic of cell phones, a great app to get is the Sumter County Sheriffs. It is free – go to the App store on your phone, type in Sumter County Sheriffs, and download the app. There is lots of info on various current scams (computer, phone etc.) that are going on in the area.  And, just in case you have not seen an old friend for a while, they list all the jail inmates with booking photos.  The county jail must be great because that is a busy place.  Me – I will stick to Aruba. 

November 5 at the Eisenhower Recreation Center is Government Day from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  This is a superb chance to meet with government leaders. 

Do you ever read the blogs for the The Villages area? While there is plenty of information, much of it is less than reliable.  Recently, someone posted they heard there was a 700% increase in car thefts. Strange, because at the CDD meeting the sheriff’s representative (Lt. Siemers) brought up car thefts for the last quarter. There was ONE car stolen in The Villages.  One. I just don’t think that is 700%. By the way, the car that was stolen was left a) outside, b) unlocked, and c) with the keys in it. That does not take much of a thief. 

Ahh, election season is here he said reaching for the aspirin. OK, really, I do like politics, but only if you stick to the facts. Before the primaries, and now for a state level seat, there was/is a candidate who promises to ‘roll back’ the 25% tax hike of a few years ago by increasing highway impact fees. I have written about this before – that is illegal. If you raise a special purpose tax it must be kept in trust for that purpose and that purpose only.  In Sumter County the road impact tax is what is in T 153 if you want to look at the county financials on the internet. If you plan to cut my general property taxes by using a restricted trust fund, then you are someone that has no idea of the real world and should just stay home and watch television. 

Courtesy of a Don Wiley flyover I learned that there is a new newsletter for villagers called  It is a weekly email newsletter, and you can subscribe at that address – note that the word Resident is singular.

Mike Dollard, Vice President
[email protected]