In April, Governor De Santis signed into law the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Bill which went into effect on July 1, 2021.

Here is a summary of the important provisions:

Motorists MUST obey the 3 feet passing law:  If a motorist cannot give 3 feet when passing, then the motorist must stay behind the cyclist until passing with at least 3 feet is possible

Motorists MAY cross the center lane in a no-passing zone to safely pass a cyclist:  The law makes it legal for a motorist to briefly and safely cross the center lane in a no-passing zone, in order to pass a cyclist by 3 feet. 

Motorists MAY NOT turn right in front of a cyclist within 20 feet of any intersection:  This is a designed safety provision to prevent “right hook” crashes by cyclists.

Bicyclists SHOULD use the left lane before making a left turn:  The law clarifies that bicyclists should use the left lane for motor vehicle traffic before attempting to make a left turn at an intersection.

Group riders should cross intersections with stop signs in groups of 10 or less:  After coming to a complete stop, bicyclists can proceed through the intersection in a group of 10 or less at a time.  Vehicles must allow the group of 10 or less to get through the intersection before proceeding.

Excerpted from the Florida Bicycle Association