New Leadership Structure


As the new District Manager, one of my first tasks was to seize the opportunity to make organizational changes that would allow senior staff the ability to operate and manage more efficiently.  Utilization of Human Capital to manage current and future growth is essential.  Additionally, management needs should be planned to promote a structure to reduce current budgeted appropriations.

The previous organizational structure had a District Manager, Deputy District Manager, and Assistant District Manager.  With the current growth and bringing on more new Districts in 2022, it became evident that we would need another Assistant District Manager to help with all of the growth in The Villages.  I am happy to say that I have added that position and as noted below you can see the new Organization Chart and Board Structure as of February 2022.  The organizational structure allows for effective management of Districts and future growth of new Districts, all while utilizing existing staff and succession planning, and renders a savings of $130,000 to the existing FY22 Budget. 


As the new District Manager, with the right Leadership Team in place, I look forward to great things happening in The Villages in 2022. 

Kenny Blocker, District Manager