Hi Neighbors!

One of the neatest things about living in Florida is that there is so much life. The Villages wetlands, preserves, and ponds help to support all life, including ours.

 My husband and I, along with our neighbors, learned the hard way that cutting or trimming community areas in Florida can lead to big trouble. When we lived in Southwest Florida one of our neighbors, we are not sure who, cut vegetation near the community dock. This cost the whole community in future red tape for other permits and a big fine. Cutting, trimming, polluting, or altering the wetlands, reserves, mangroves and more in Florida is illegal and may result in criminal actions and fines. Special permits are required to change or move them.

Florida is very close to sea level and gets a lot of rain in the summer. Wetlands and ponds help prevent floods, recharge our aquifer, clean the air, support fish and fauna, and help make up the waterscape that attracts visitors and residents. The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC), which is a law enforcement entity, states, “rain soaks the Florida landscape each year, recharging our aquifers (the source of 92 percent of our human drinking water) and sustaining the flow of our rivers and springs. The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) also advises we conserve water. The SWFWMD advice is, “stop the leaks, slow the flow, and use water wisely!”

 Florida is a beautiful place to live. But don’t forget it is a sub-tropical peninsula close to sea level, and therefore has some unique laws when compared to the rest of the continental United States.

Ellie Decker, Vice President
[email protected]