I am the new Vice President for The VHA Central Area. I would like to thank my predecessor, John Dean, for his work for The VHA and wish him the best of luck in his continuing dedication to Honor Flight as they take Veterans to Washington D.C. to see their war memorials.

Most people ask my husband and I, “Where are you from?” I say, “We lived the longest in Kansas.” That is where the song of my people, the tornado sirens, can be heard once a month every Spring. For Florida, I recommend a weather radio. We originally retired to Englewood, FL where, thanks to my cousin, we became reverse snowbirds to The Villages. We now live here year-round. The next question we are asked is either, “Do you have kids?”, “Yes, three grown”, or sometimes, “What did you do for a living?”  “Mostly accounting”. My degree is in Business Administration and I owned a few businesses.

I have always felt protective of those who are vulnerable; that includes the disabled, children, and the elderly. When I was growing up, I babysat my next-door neighbor boy who had Cerebral Palsy. Both his parents, and my parents, instilled in me a sense of service, and patriotism, too. I have been a Guardian ad Litem, a Den Mom (“Do Your Best” and “Be Prepared”), in addition to a variety of other volunteer positions.

To me, Senior Citizens are top tier. They have paid taxes for their whole working lives. In addition, a high percentage of seniors served in the military or in another capacity. And many seniors are still doing volunteer work.   Most seniors have children, and sometimes grandchildren, who are now paying taxes and serving. After years of paying their dues, seniors deserve a nice retirement. I think “The Villages” gives them that.

I look forward to being of service to you, my neighbors in the Central Area, as well as to The Villages as a whole.

Ellie Decker, Vice President
[email protected]