Reflecting on the wise words of Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Water is the driving force of all nature,’ the past month has cast me in the role of a water management evangelist.  I’ve been fielding inquiries about water challenges faced by our community.

One resident, disheartened by the impact of drought, shared her ‘lake’ with me, now devoid of water. Another homeowner showcased extensive flooding in the rear of his lanai. In both instances, water was the common thread.

This parallel to life is unmistakable—sometimes, we do too little and expect miracles, while an excess can lead to overwhelming consequences.  The notion that ‘if a little is good, more would be even better’ is a fallacy; what we truly need is a balance in our water levels, much like the balance we seek in life.

As members of the Villages Home Advocates (VHA), we stand ready to assist in maintaining this equilibrium within our community.  Whether a VHA member needs support with an issue or simply seeks an informed opinion, our commitment is unwavering. Your journey is ours as well, and we are here to ensure we navigate it together, each doing our best.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

Tweet Coleman, EdD
VP Central Area