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Pending Application for Water Use Permit

Information for Readers Regarding the recent request for water from the Aquifer for a Bottled Water Company:

Please note the standard conditions included in the District’s rule 40D-2.381, F.A.C., listed below.  The standard conditions will be added to the bottled water permit if it is issued.  I highlighted the portions I thought would be of interest to you. 

40D-2.381 Standard Permit Conditions.

(1) WUPs shall be conditioned, as necessary, to ensure that the permitted withdrawal continues to meet the conditions for issuance in Rule 40D-2.301, F.A.C. There are two categories of permit conditions that will be applied to WUPs. Standard conditions contain general information and operational constraints that generally apply to all water uses unless waived or modified by the District upon a determination that the conditions are inapplicable to the use authorized by the WUP. Special conditions vary among use classes, source classes, and geographic locations, and may be project-specific.

(2) Every permit acquired under this Chapter shall include standard terms which describe the following information:

(a) Permittee’s name and address,

(b) Permit number,

(c) Date permit application filed,

(d) Date permit granted,

(e) Permit expiration date,

(f) Water source classification,

(g) Water use classification,

(h) Property location,

(i) Quantity permitted, and

(j) Withdrawal locations.

(3) Every WUP acquired under this chapter shall include the following standard conditions which impose certain limitations on the permitted water withdrawal

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Supervisors Lament Cost of Lawsuit


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Daily Sun Managing Editor


District absorbs more than $304,000 in legal fees, plus substantial staff time, to defend legal action with connections to Property Owners Association.Sumter Landing District supervisors were still reeling Thursday from the impact of a recently dismissed lawsuit - with ties to the Property Owners Association - that had paralyzed the District's ability to refund bonds for close to a year. [Continue Reading]

Our New Facebook Page


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 The VHA partners with  Sumter County Humane Society

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The History Of The Villages Homeowners Association


By Sandy Mott

President VHA      May 1992 – Feb. 1994

The history of The Villages Homeowners Association should begin with why and how our organization came into being.

First the why.  In the summer and fall of 1990, the expansion of The Villages west of Highway 27/441 was bringing hundreds of new residents to our community every month.  These new Villagers, along with those already living here, saw a need for a homeowners organization that would represent all the homes in The Villages.

That brings us to the how the VHA began.  Such an undertaking would require leadership.  A conversation among a group of friends on a bowling team provided the answer.  One of that group was Yvonne Knudson, who was well known in the area and was active in Lady Lake government.

This was a case of the right person being in the right place at the right time.  After much discussion, Yvonne agreed to an exploratory meeting to test the interest of residents in forming a new homeowners association to serve all the current and future residents of The Villages.

In early December 1990, Yvonne invited her bowling team friends and several other interested residents to a meeting at her house.  Present at that meeting were Sue and Jim Hartman, Jean and Jim Underwood, Frank and Marie O’Brien, Clara and Mat Streicher and Bill and Jeanette Lawton.

As the plans for a new homeowners association evolved, the group who were to be the founders of the VHA agreed on some important principles.  The association would be a constructive, positive thinking organization open to all homeowners in The Villages.

The group established some immediate goals – to enhance the quality of our retirement lifestyle, to approach and solve problems in a positive manner and to foster constructive communication between residents and the developer.

A notice was sent to all residents requesting responses from those interested in this proposed organization.  When the number of positive responses quickly reached about 2,000, all doubt about the need for a new homeowners association vanished.

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