Lake Residents Information Night

On March 12, VHA’s Residents Information Night was held at La Hacienda Recreation Center. Because of the unique situation found in the historic area of The Villages in Lake County and the Town of Lady Lake, we felt that on this occasion we should feature representatives from those government units (and allow the weary folks from Sumter County a break). It was a hit with the attendees, many of whom told us how much they appreciated meeting with their own public representatives. Coupled with the great success in our January Information Night in Marion County (District 4), we can consider focusing our educational programs on specific districts and topics.

AAC Budget Workshop

On March 21, the Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) held its budget workshop at Savannah Center. District Government staff reported on planned projects for the coming fiscal year (October 2024 through September 2025) and potential budget amounts for these projects. Committee members appeared to be focused on holding costs down, and staff appeared to be focused on quality to maintain the beauty and functionality of amenities. In my opinion, this was a superb blending of approaches to get at the best “bang for the buck.” Folks residing north of CR 466 can follow the AAC by browsing to:

Support for Community Standards

You may have heard that District Government is planning to move its headquarters to Brownwood to be nearer the current center of The Villages. While that makes sense for providing efficient service to the overall Villages community, those of us in the far north portion could be forgiven for fearing that support will be harder to reach. The good news is that our District Government has been planning ahead, building the North Satellite office at the La Hacienda Regional Recreation Center.

Now, they have extended the service even further, as Deed Compliance Officer Shelli Farnsworth is based in the LaHa office. While the middle of her workday usually sees her on the road, she reports that prior to 10:00am and after 3:00pm, she is usually in the office. If you have questions about changes to your landscaping or external home improvements, or if you need help filing an Architectural Review Application, Shelli suggests you call her at 352-751-3912 and set up an appointment for any time during the day.

Karl Arps, Acting North VP
[email protected]