This month’s article is on the safety items located at the outside recreation areas, inside recreation centers, and the pools.

According to the VCDD e-Notification, outside recreation areas have a bulletin board. Make a point to get familiar with the bulletin board for important information, such as the address of your location should you need to call 911.

The next time you are in the sports equipment building, look for the emergency 911 phone and the address. Emergency phones are located in, or near, the sports equipment building with the facility name and address posted on the wall by the emergency phones.

The swimming pools have life preservers, and hooks. Next time you are at the pool, make yourself aware of the rescue life preserver and the hook. Think about how you might use the life preserver or the hook to help someone in need.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located inside recreation centers. They are easy to use, and usually speak the instructions when you turn them on. According to the Red Cross, an AED is to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The Red Cross is offering online classes now for a fee. You could also get familiar with using one by watching a YouTube video or by taking a class in person. They are usually combined with CPR classes and can be taken with The Villages Public Safety Department.

If you see an AED in a residential neighborhood, it’s because that neighborhood got together to buy one.  If you see one in your neighborhood, find out which neighbors are in charge of maintaining the batteries and holding the keys.  There should be several key holders.

So, next time you are out, make a point to look for life preservers, hooks, addresses, phones, and AEDs. Call 911, or have someone else call, in an emergency while you are getting the equipment. You may save a life.

Ellie Decker, Vice President
[email protected]