VHA Town Hall Meeting

April 2022

The VHA wants to thank the following people for providing answers to questions from VHA members and Villages residents for the VHA Town Hall meeting:  Dr. Gary Lester – Vice President Community Relations, Brittany Wilson – Assistant District Manager, Deborah Synder – Director of Public Works, Sumter County.

(The next VHA Town Hall Meeting will be in July. Questions may be sent to the VHA at any time at )

Note:  Some questions sent for this Town Hall meeting were recently asked and answered.  The complete Q & A of previous Town Hall Meetings are posted on the VHA website.           

Questions related to Villages landscaping, multi-modal paths, etc. can be submitted at any time to the appropriate department.  Go to  on the Home Page lower left click on “Submit Feedback, Inquiry, or Concern.”


  1. In the plans for the new buildings south in The Villages, will there be an indoor gymnasium, or access to one, for Villages to use for basketball, volleyball, soccer, running/walking track, etc.

Dr. Lester:  We have been announcing new recreational amenities on a regular basis and will be rolling out more in the coming months in the Daily Sun and, potentially, at the upcoming VHA’s “Evening With the Developer.”

  1. Are there plans for building a multi-modal path for the residents in Fenney and McClure Villages to access the bridges to get to Brownwood and Lake Deaton? Now we have to drive to the Water Lily Bridge to cross over to Brownwood or Lake Deaton.

Dr. Lester:  Residents are currently enjoying the multi-modal trails leading to the Water Lily Bridge from where they can access Brownwood and Lake Deaton.  There are no plans to add an additional trail.

  1. Are there plans to build another playground for grandchildren similar to or larger than the one in Lake Sumter Landing?

Dr. Lester:  Yes, at least one more.

  1. Are there plans to close off access to the construction road, which runs through Reader Preserve? Residents living on Pheil Path deal with construction traffic in addition to regular traffic.

Dr. Lester:  Yes, expect that construction route to close by the end of the month.

  1. When driving by on Warm Springs Avenue there is no indication of where the Village of Hammock at Fenney is located. Are there plans to add the Village of Hammock at Fenney to the sign at the entrance to Fenney Village?

Dr. Lester:  There is no plan to add additional signage.

  1. When will more parking be added at the Post Office on La Grande Blvd?

Dr. Lester:  There is no additional parking planned.

  1. Many residents are having roof gutters installed around their new homes. Would you please explain why gutters have been installed only partially around rooftops?

Dr. Lester:  Customer feedback drives that long-standing practice.  Some residents do choose to add additional gutters later.

  1. When will Farmers Market return to Spanish Springs?

Dr. Lester:  The Farmers Market is not scheduled at this time for Spanish Springs.  Each of the Town Centers has a unique schedule.  For instance, only Spanish Spring hosts the Classic Car Show.

  1. Is it possible to add hanging devices to the existing border in the art rooms for display for art shows? i.e Everglades and Ezell Recreation Centers.

Brittany Wilson:  We currently have hanging units at both locations that were installed during the design of the facility.  Reach out to the Recreation and Parks Department for follow up related to this or other recreation centers.

  1. When driving south on Morse Blvd to turn left into Colony Plaza, the bushes seem too tall to see oncoming traffic. Would it be possible to lower the height of these bushes?

Brittany Wilson:  This has been a recurring issue at this location and we are currently working with our contractor to replace the bushes with plantings that will improve line-of-sight visibility.  The work for this location should be completed soon.

  1. Large shrubbery and other vegetation often restrict sightline of oncoming traffic. How can this situation be remedied?

Brittany Wilson:  Please contact the District Property Management Department at 352-753-4022, with any line-of-sight concerns.  You can also call Customer Service at 352-753-4508.

Q.  What if the shrub or tree is on private property?
Residents are still encouraged to contact the District Office to investigate. It could be in a right-of-way or a deed compliance issue.

    12. Is it possible to get resident input regarding the renovation of Mira Mesa Executive golf course from the residents who live on this course?

Brittany Wilson:  Certainly, please contact the Executive Golf Department at 352-674-1885, or by email at [email protected].  Stay tuned to the website for future updates on the renovation.

Q.  When is this golf course scheduled to be closed?
A.  T
he Mira Mesa Executive Golf Course is anticipated to be closed beginning in May of 2022 through late fall 2022. Please stay tuned to and the District Weekly bulletin for specific project dates.

     13.  Who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the walls surrounding villa areas?

Brittany Wilson:  The Declaration of Restrictions for each unit determines who is responsible for the maintenance (including painting) of the villa walls.  For guidance, refer to your specific Declaration of Restrictions on or contact Community Standards at 352-751-3912 for assistance. 

Q.  Who is responsible for the cul-de-sac?
A.  The District Government maintains many of the cul-de-sacs throughout the community. If you have a specific area of concern, please contact District Property Management at 352-753-4022.

  1. When will Villages residents learn the cost for the Villages to have an independent fire department?

Brittany Wilson:  The FAQ for the Independent Fire District located on the District’s homepage at has a chart that gives examples of a variety on parcels and how the assessment will be applied to parcels within the Fire District. The funding methodology that would be in front of the voters in November will address the funding formula as the two-tier system.  One tier being $124 per parcel and the second tier being $0.75/$1,000 of improved value based on the Property Appraiser improved value.  Lastly, the Board would have an option of raising funds when needed by 1 mil of assessed property value.

The District Government encourages feedback regarding information that is posted on the District website.  Use the “Submit Feedback, Inquiry, or Concern” link on the lower left side of the Home page at to ask questions or report issues.

  1. Would you please explain why Community Watch and other Villages vehicles have a yellow license plate tags?

Brittany Wilson:  The State of Florida governs the issuance of license plates for vehicles owned or exclusively operated by the state or by any county, municipality, or any other governmental entity.  Chapter 320.0655 of Florida State Statutes requires that all license plates issued to government vehicles be a distinctive color, aside from any other plates issued; these tags are currently yellow throughout the State of Florida.  As such, all vehicles owned or operated by the District Government have yellow tags.  This applies to vehicles utilized by Recreation and Parks, District Property Management, Utilities, Executive Golf Maintenance, Couriers, Community Watch, Community Standards, and The Villages Public Safety Department. 

  1. When will the line markings on CR 466 between Buena Vista and Hwy 301 be redone? In some spots, there are almost no markings.

Deborah Synder:  The schedule to do this is late April or early May.

  1. Will a right turn lane at the intersection of Buena Vista Blvd and CR 466 be considered? The turn lane may relieve traffic congestion from the grocery store be constructed on that corner.

Deborah Synder:  The County is currently reviewing this location for upgrades.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not have sufficient right-of-way to construct a right turn lane.  We will continue to evaluate traffic flow.

  1. Questions related to street signs include the following:a.  When will faded street signs be replaced?b.  Street signs located at intersections within The Villages were first made with each street name parallel with each other. Names were not easy to read.  The north portion of The Villages had the street signs on the post realigned so the signs are off-set from each other.  Street signs in the south areas of The Villages have not been changed and new ones are not installed correctly.  When will street signs be realigned for easier reading?

Deborah Synder:  The County will slowly continue to replace street signs that are faded and those that need to be realigned.