Wow! The first quarter of 2024 has come and gone, and we continue to grow. As The Villages grow, so do our memberships and programs for these new residents. We have changed the name of one of our main programs, New Residents Information Night, to Residents Information Night. Our thought process was that when new residents move to The Villages, they are just trying to learn where to get their mail and where the nearest golf course, recreation center, or pickleball court is located. We want all our residents to participate in this event – not just the ones that moved in a week ago. The next Residents Information Night will be April 9th @ Colony Cottage Recreation Center. This night is an open invitation to all residents or even Lifestyle visitors. A Villager ID or guest pass is required.

The VHA South continues to bring information residents want based on the impressive attendance and the programs that are presented. We recently were honored to have Matt Armstrong, Director of Community Standards and Deed Restrictions District Government, as the featured speaker for our March meeting. With our Facebook Live visitors and those in attendance, we had over 400 residents participate! We also had Karl Arps as a guest and source of information from one of our Architectural Review Committees. Matt and Karl stayed and answered questions for 45 minutes after the program. You would have had to have been there to be as impressed as we all were!

If you missed this meeting, don’t fret – you can find it on The VHA Facebook page. Our next program will be a North-South joint program to be held Tuesday, April 16, at 7:00pm @ Rohan Recreation Center. This meeting is open to residents with Village IDs.  Registered members are guaranteed a seat up until 6:45pm.

Please remember to: Get Involved – Make A Difference. If it is not in The VHA, just get involved somewhere – you will make a difference!

Mike Williamson
VHA Vice Pres. South