On April 18 at 7PM at Rohan Rec Center, The VHA will be hosting an open forum for all Villages residents with Bob Trinh, the CEO of The Villages Health, and members of his team.

There is indeed a relatively new and yet robust healthcare system which was created specifically for this community that is improving, expanding, and on track to be a leader in the field of senior-focused healthcare with innovative and state-of-the-art modalities and practitioners.

The evening will include a presentation with updates, plans for the future, what is being done to improve care for patients and the community, and a Q & A time. In addition to Bob Trinh, his team for the evening will include:

  • Braulio Vicente, Chief Operating Officer
  • Rob Reilly, Medical Director for Risk-Based Care
  • Amy Wixted, Population Health Manager
  • Emilio Noble, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Sophie Ferenz, Director of Sales & Marketing

The VHA is proud to partner with The Villages Health to bring this exclusive and informative opportunity to The Villages Community. We hope you will join us, and also enjoy an opportunity for a 50/50 raffle, and a gift basket raffle provided by TVH.

Peter Russell
President, The VHA