Hello Villagers!!

I’m happy to tell you that the VHA Helping Hands Program is alive and well. To date this year, we’ve had over 5000 contacts, surpassing where we were last year by over 1000. It’s encouraging to know that our program is assisting so many Villagers.

If you know someone who needs durable medical equipment or has a friend/relative visiting that will need some equipment, please tell them about us. It’s surprising that when we ask folks if they’ve heard about our program, many folks say no. So please tell everyone about us.

What is durable medical equipment (DME) you ask? Well, it includes things such as wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, shower chairs, crutches, etc. The full list of what we provide is on our website: And we offer free temporary loans to all Villages residents.

Just a note to let you know if an organization like a nursing home, rotary, etc. would like to donate more than 3 pieces of equipment you need to call first. We will then have one of our board members or repair volunteers call you back and let you know if we will take them and how many. From time to time, we have an excess of some equipment. If you just show up with more than 3 items, without getting an okay, you will not be able to drop them off. Please call our main number (352-973-2284) to discuss the donation.

Regarding excess equipment we may have, we’re very happy to tell you we have just partnered with American Legion Post 347 to provide some of our excess equipment to them. As you may know, they also have a program to provide DME to folks who need it.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we operate solely on donations. If you’d like to donate, you can do so in one of 2 easy ways:
1. Go to our website (, hover over the top line that says Donate. Select Helping Hands for a credit card Donation Form. Simply fill out the form and press Submit.
2. Stop by our office (1104 Main Street, The Villages, FL 32159) in Spanish Springs or mail a cash or check donation. Our office is open between 11 am and 1 pm, Monday through Friday.

Al Arnold
President, VHA Helping Hands