Since Its inception in the summer of 2023, The VHA Issues Team has sought to educate and enlighten Villages residents on issues of universal interest or concern.  To date the team has focused on two issues: Fire/EMS Services and the need for residents to understand deed restrictions and site plans.

Addressing the first item, the Issues Team adopted a pro-active stance urging the Sumter County Commissioners to support a Dependent Fire Board.  We encouraged them to put politics aside and appoint the five highly qualified individuals recommended by our District Government.  Once those objectives were accomplished, the Issues Team publically congratulated all concerned.  We believe it is crucial that Village residents know what Fire/EMS Services costs were prior to the inception of the Dependent Fire Board.  The Issues Team will be working toward the goal of understanding those costs and sharing them with our residents.

Concerning the second item, the Team addressed several issues relating to helping residents understand and use their site plans and their deed restrictions, i.e., “Covenants and Restrictions”.  It became apparent to us that many residents lack an understanding of the significance and importance of these documents.  The Team  is   working on plans to better inform buyers and all residents as to why it is important to understand these documents and their significance.

In addition, the Team assists the VHA Area VP’s and Neighborhood Representatives to better understand the channels and contacts to get the fact associated with issues.  We strive to helpfully serve as residents’ advocates and do so most effectively.

In closing, the Team believes in the importance of electing the most responsible residents to serve on the individual numbered CDD boards and on their respective Boards of County Commissioners.  To that end, our efforts will continue to lead to identifying opportunities to educate new and long-time residents to Get Involved – Make a Difference.

The VHA Issues Team

Rich Cole, Roger Kass, Phil Walker