Village residents want and need a first class fire service.  Shortly the Board of County Commissioners will be voting to create a dependent Fire Board and select five Village Residents to be the initial members. They will be responsible  for  defining the Villages fire service and creating a budget and a funding source. Those initial members will then be subject to staggered elections in 2024 and 2026.  The VHA an early supporter of the Independent Fire Board and now a supporter of a Dependent Fire Board worked closely with District Government to recommend to the County Commissioners the following  slate of  qualified individuals for initial appointment:

  • Dr. Maryanne Scott
  • Dr. Kathleen Gowin
  • Fred Briggs
  • John Dean
  • Chris Christopolus

Please contact all of  County Commissioners to let them know you support the Villages Public Safety Department and the creation  of the Dependent Fire Board and urge them to  maintain their  usual practice and appoint the individuals submitted by the District Government.

Phone: (352) 689-4400

District 1   Roberta Ulrich            [email protected]

District 2   Andrew Bilardello      [email protected]

District 3   Craig Estep                 [email protected]

District 4   Jeff Bogue                  [email protected]

District 5   Don Wiley                  [email protected]

Rich Cole
The VHA Editorial Board