On October 13 at 1:30PM at the Savannah Center, the District 4 Board will be holding a Public Hearing to discuss Amending and Restating the Chapter III Rule to Bring about Deed Compliance, specifically for:

  • District Matrix and Fine Schedule – Hinderance of Maintenance
  • District Matrix and Fine Schedule – Tree Removal in Home Units
  • Appendix B – Procedures for Compliance – Appeal Process
  • Appendix B – Procedures for Compliance – Complaints
    • Specific to how complaints are received either anonymously or anonymously but must reside in District 4

I plan to be there to learn about problems with “Hinderance or Maintenance” and “Tree Removal”, not to mention what they have in mind for the appeal process.

However, the last item is the most interesting one.  How do you insure the complainant is a resident of the District while letting them be anonymous?  Lack of anonymity can lead to people fearing to file a complaint.  At the same time, many Villagers hate the thought of outsiders “trolling” the neighborhoods just looking for any excuse to make life miserable.  Many districts have wrestled with this dilemma.

Districts 1, 2 and 3 will also meet on October 13 (at 8, 9:30, and 11 AM, respectively) at Savannah Center and hold hearings on amending and restating the Chapter III Rule.  They are more focused on the first three plus “Emergency Order for Enforcement”.

Friday, October 13, may be a day you want to circle on your calendar and attend the Board meeting and hearing for your district.  You can learn more at Just select your district from the dropdown menu and then click on “Agendas and Minutes” to see what will be discussed.

Karl Arps
VHA VP, Northen Area