The all-consuming news for the North Region of the Villages is the announcement last week that the Developer was awarded the use of his remaining amenity certificates on a 286-unit apartment complex at the site of the former Hacienda Country Club. He was awarded the amenity certificates years ago and insisted that the Amenity Authority Committee approve their use at this location or he would build a parking garage with a shuttle to the hospital or even a big box store. To say having an apartment complex here is VERY upsetting and unpopular with the residents of the area is an understatement. A blow is softened a bit by the inclusion of a resort style pool, walking trails and restaurant. Amenity fees will be paid so those apartment dwellers will have the same privileges as homeowners. A new postal station will also have to be built.

Sadly, the North region of the VHA has recently lost several of our dedicated Neighborhood Representatives: Nick Martucci (Rio Grande) and Bill Hunt (Palo Alto) recently passed. Bob Eisenhower (Tierra Del Sol) and Dan Bard (Mira Mesa) passed a month or so ago. They were a great asset to our organization and to the community. They will be hard shoes to fill, but please call me if you would be willing to represent these neighborhoods. Now more than ever, the VHA North needs strong representation and resident advocacy!

I was able to complete calls to our North residents who were due to renew their membership in The VHA. Many thanks to the many VHA North members that I had the pleasure to chat with. We appreciate you!

Stay Safe!