Much is happening or about to happen north of County Road 466, some of it in The Villages and some of it is next door. Here some of the major items:

The New District Service Center is Open: You have been able to get guest passes for your visitors at most Regional Recreation Centers, but now you can replace your damaged or lost resident ID or gate card, buy an executive golf trail pass, get a copy of your deed restrictions, and more at the new Service Center inside La Hacienda Recreation Center at 1200 Avenida Central near Spanish Springs.  To learn more about what Customer Service can do for you, visit the District website at:

Plans for a New Game Room Focused on Table Tennis: Also in La Hacienda, the Recreation Department is looking at converting the former catering space into a game room with five competition table tennis stations.  The Amenity Authority Committee is studying the proposal at this point, but it appears to have a lot of support.

A New Neighbor: A 40-acre parcel of former farmland along County Road 42, just east of Phillips Villas and just north of the Village of Woodbury is now planned for a mixed-use development by its owner.  If approved, it will contain a self-storage facility and retail store near the road and over 70 single family homes to the south.  This possibility has concerned adjacent Villagers and residents of Hilltop Estates.  To allay those fears, the owner/developer and his attorney addressed a large audience at Mulberry Grove Recreation Center. They led with the desire to be a good neighbor and some key points:

  • The entire property will have a 20-foot buffer with trees and vegetation between the new home sites and existing neighborhoods.
  • There will be a six-foot high solid wall bounding the property.
  • Homes will be limited to one story and the homesites will have property lines that align with those in Phillips Villas and Woodbury.
  • The self-storage facility will have architectural features that are consistent with the homes and will be the first portion of the project to be built.
  • The property will have a large free-standing retention pond.
  • Preliminary traffic studies on Highway 42 have been conducted, and more are planned to satisfy Marion County and the people who travel on 42.

This information was well-received by the attendees.  Good neighbors should always be welcome.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285-1382