When you read this, it will be December.  However, when I am writing it, it’s nearly Thanksgiving.  So, I want to give thanks to the approximately 40 folks who serve the North Area as VHA Neighborhood Representatives.  They are your first point of contact when you need The VHA’s assistance in some way.

Through The VHA’s partnerships with The Villages, District Government, local and county governments, public safety services, health care and hospital agencies, and law enforcement, we can often find solutions to problems.  At the very least we can get answers to most questions.

If you don’t know who your VHA Rep is, here’s how to find out:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to
  2. On the home screen, hover your cursor over “Members”.
  3. Slide down the pull-down menu to “Neighborhood Rep Lookup”.
  4. Type in the name of your Village, and then select your Unit. (Unit is the digit number after U/L on your Villages ID card or your Villa Name)
  5. Then click the “Lookup” button.
  6. Magically, one or more names should appear.
  7. If you have a question or issue you would like to discuss, you may call or email your Neighborhood Representative.
  8. If, for some reason, nobody is listed, please email or call me, and I will do my best to help you. That is what we Neighborhood Reps are here for.

By the way, although we have many Reps in the North Area, we still have a number of neighborhoods that would benefit greatly from someone who cares enough to get knowledge about what is happening that can affect residents and then share it as needed.  It’s a wonderful and fulfilling way to volunteer to “Keep the Dream Alive”.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 – 1382