OMG, There Is So Much Going On in the North!


  • Golf: Last year, Silver Lake Executive Golf Course was completely refurbished with new greens and tee boxes and greatly improved landscaping. It is a much-improved golf experience, according to those who have recently played it.  Now, two more executive courses – Hill Top, near Orange Blossom Hills and Briarwood adjacent to Lopez Legacy – are due for the same treatment.  These projects will be very well received.
  • Recreation Centers: First Responders Recreation Center, in the extreme northwest of The Villages, appears set to open on schedule this summer. It will feature a resort-style pool, a putt and play course, a dog park and more.  Next up is Paradise Regional Recreation Center northeast of US441/27, proposed for demolition and replacement.  Every single existing amenity will be retained, expanded, or improved.  The proposal calls for another resort-style pool with a fire pit for lolling under the sun or moon and an expanded Mark Twain Library.  The existing pool and library are among the most-used amenities in the north of The Villages.
  • Sports Courts: As this issue of the North Area News is written, refurbishment of bocce, shuffleboard, tennis, pickleball, and other sports is being rotated among the various Rec Centers at a rapid pace.
  • Roads and Streets: Anyone who has traveled US 441/27 between Leesburg and The Villages knows about the traffic snarls along the way during reconstruction. It sure looks like it will be worth it with the improved flow and increased lanes when the work is done.  Not to be outdone, Lagrande Boulevard, which parallels 441/27 across from Spanish Springs, is about to be converted from a bouncy carnival ride to a smooth street this spring.

THANK YOU to The Villages developer and the district and local governments for all the work in the oldest portion of The Villages.  And thank you to the residents here who have been so patient as the plans have been developed and finalized.

Karl Arps, Vice President
(920) 285 – 1382