Well COVID is definitely making it hard to be an active organization that meets with residents and members, but we shall prevail – eventually.

Something I noted on the blogs one day – A discussion on why aren’t any pools open at night. In Sumter County, per deputy, the reason is a county regulation. Yup, there is a regulation on the hours that public pools can be open and P&R is abiding by that.

Bear with me on this one – Since we all moved here from somewhere else, and probably far away, it is a good guess that you have your cell phone bill sent here. And, I would guess that you and your spouse each have a cell phone. Your bill probably comes in the name of one of you.

Now go online and look at your bill and where the cell provider lists both phones as being located. There is a good chance that when the billing address was changed, they changed the location of the phone of the bill payer only. This means your sales tax and 911 charge for the other phone is being sent to your prior state, not Florida. Verizon is one company that does this – each phone line has to have its information changed.

This November I am a candidate for a seat on CDD 9 (Mission Hills, Sanibel, Charlotte, Fernandina, Gilcrist, Pinellas, Atwood Villas and now The Lofts at Brownwood). Your support in this election would be greatly appreciated.