I was saddened to read about the fatal accident that happened at Avenida and DelMar Avenues this past week. The two victims were young, so obviously not residents of The Villages, but my heart goes out to their families and to the first responders who had to take care of a tragic scene and the aftermath. Safe driving by all those within our boundaries must be a priority, whether the vehicles involved are cars, motorcycles, golf carts, or bicycles. We need constant reminders to stay alert, practice defensive driving, and observe speed limits. 

Not a week goes by when we are driving out and about that we don’t see gate arms missing and lampposts destroyed by careless and/or impaired driving. Two recent downed lamppost sightings were, of course, ones situated on round-a-abouts. 

The VHA is well aware of the need to promote safe driving, which is why we include monthly columns on bicycle safety, information on how to take advantage of the AARP Safe Driver Course, and often highlight the How to Navigate Roundabouts on the District website: Roundabout-02-08-12.pdf. Public safety is an important factor in “Keeping the Dream Alive” and we all need to do our part. 

Some miscellaneous tidbits I want to share: It looked as if Fiesta Bowl was going to have to close for the summer due to the effects of Covid drastically reducing the number of leagues and recreational bowlers. Fortunately, that decision was reversed due to the support of The Villages and promises of leagues returning. 

A friend of mine moved here in 2019, bought a house in Bellaire, sight unseen, and renovated it over the past year. She is very happy that homes in her neighborhood are selling well above what she paid for her own home less than two years ago. It has proven to be a good investment. Home values continue to rise throughout The Villages, including the charming, historic north area. 

Jan Palmer, Editor
The VHA Voice