I find that I notice stories about seniors more these days than I used to.  Maybe because I find that, at my age, I can relate to many of the pieces I read.

I read an interesting story recently about a couple who have been married for 71 years.  He is 92 and she is 93.  Stopping there would be a good story on its own.  But quite remarkably, they still have a toaster that was given to them for their wedding.  And they use it every day.  The story had a picture of the couple’s reflection in the chrome toaster that has a shine beyond any new one I have seen.

The story certainly speaks to the durability of the toaster and the quality that was built into appliances years ago.  But the real story and a lesson to us all is their longevity.

Quoting from the article – “It’s not just about a toaster. It’s about marriage, and anything of value. It’s about taking care of something — or someone. It’s about keeping something that may be old and worn, but still good. It’s about not throwing it over for something newer, or fancier, that would do the same job — just maybe not as well.”

For those of us who know someone or are related to someone who has contracted the coronavirus, or cancer, or diabetes, or heart issues, or other maladies, and who have suffered or even died, understand that taking care of not what, but who we value most, is so important.

What a great reminder to us all. 

You can get a free COVID-19 test from the Sumter County Department of Health.  Simply call them at 352-789-4675 to make an appointment and then just drive up and get the test without leaving your car or golf cart.

You do not need to have symptoms, but they will ask if you do.  You need your driver’s license.  They also gave us a package of four cloth, reusable face masks.  They can be washed, airdried and used about four or five times.

They are set up at the county service center at the corner of 466 and Morse Blvd.  You will receive your results in a few days.

A nice free service that may provide you with some peace of mind or get a jump start on treatment if necessary.

Stay healthy and safe!