There are so many factors that contribute to the beauty and safety of our community – everyone will probably have several in their minds so we’ll just touch on two.

First is “experience”….the experience of the team of planners, engineers and consultants who work in conjunction with local and state planners to design this community’s unique transportation system. There’s no community quite like The Villages – a community of 150,000 people where you can move about so safely and conveniently.  Where you can access by golf car so many of life’s amenities and services.  Where a person could traverse from one end of the community to the other while only encountering a handful of signalized intersections.  The planning that makes all that possible comes from a team of people who have decades of experience making that vision come true – making this transportation network work the way it does.  As a resident and as possibly a resident leader, you can have confidence that our community continues to be guided by an experienced team of experts who have proven over 40 years that they know how to design a community that is amazingly safe and beautiful.

Second word is “calming”. Remember the phrase that we heard a lot about a few years ago; it originated in England – “Stay Calm and Carry On”?  Our community roads and trails are specifically designed to help you ‘Stay calm and carry on” – to access the lifestyle – to “carry on” – in a calm, relaxing, safe way.  You will notice that most roads of any length have gentle curves and that most paths are designed the same.  That’s purposeful, designed to slow us down and help us enjoy the journey.  Roundabouts also play a role – they are also designed to be “traffic calming” devices.  They are both safer than lighted intersections.  They also serve the purpose of slowing us down, calming our moving about so that we flow rather than start and stop.

You can be assured and you can assure others that the same experienced team of planners that has made this community safe and beautiful is still on the job.  You can help others appreciate that The Villages is a place to “stay calm and carry on” – to enjoy the lifestyle in our safe and beautiful setting.

Supporting Comments from Leaders

Responsiveness of the District Management Team is important to help keep tree branches and shrubbery from blocking sight lines. Roots may lift multi-modal paths, which can cause problems. While areas are regularly checked, the District Management Team welcomes feedback from residents who call in issues that have occurred since an area was last treated. Additionally, the District provides information to residents through the District Weekly Bulletin, District website and mail kiosk bulletin boards.

Sumter County Deputies want to educate drivers to the speed limit and the correct way to drive through roundabouts.  Roundabouts provide a great way to slow traffic. The signs help to explain which lane to drive for a right-turn, straight ahead, or left-turn.  Using the turn signal provides extra help to the other drivers to watch vehicle’s intent. The yield sign is important. As drivers heed yield signs, traffic will flow more safely. Traffic stops typically result in tickets being issued 50% of the time.  Drivers are reminded that the speed limit is reduced to 30 MPH on Morse Blvd North of 466.  Drivers should calm down and respect others in cars, on bicycles, or in golf carts.