I want to thank everyone in our area who has donated food items for the Wildwood Soup Kitchen. Over the past few months, we have collected and donated several hundred pounds of groceries, which were generously collected through the weekly Publix “Buy One, Get One” program; or as I like to call it, “Buy One, Give One”. Please consider helping the needy by continuing to support this worthwhile program.

I want to personally thank our volunteers, who have graciously allowed their homes to be used as donation drop off locations; Peggy Sickel in Hawkins, Lisa Romig in McClure, Margaret Rath in Fenney and Linda Sagar in Marsh Bend. If anyone in Chitty Chatty or Bradford would also like to help, please contact me directly and start spreading the word to your friends and neighbors that you will be collecting the items. I will then pick them up from your house and make the delivery to the Soup Kitchen. Depending on the amount of items donated, I usually do this once a week or every other week.

The VHA hosted Chief Nehemiah Wolfe of The Villages Community Watch on July 19 at the Everglades Rec Center. Chief Wolfe spoke to the residents in attendance about the Community Watch program in detail. It was a very informative presentation, which I would suggest everyone attend the next time that it is offered. He went over all aspects of the program, with emphasis on exactly what the Community Watch does and does not do.  I would recommend that you visit their website at: to learn more.

When you read this article, we will be heading into prime hurricane season. Start stocking up on supplies now and avoid the rush later. Please visit: for more information.

Thank you and stay safe,

Andrew Bilardello, Vice President
[email protected]