The Village of Hawkins now has an active AED program up and running!

Ten AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest) are now deployed within the Village of Hawkins that cover approximately 680 of the homes in the village. Seven more are on order and, when received, will complete AED coverage for the entire village. Hawkin’s responders are ready to provide both CPR and AED support to their neighbors.

All AED responders throughout The Villages are tied into the 911 system. When there is an alert for a cardiac arrest, 911 automatically contacts volunteers who are in the specific village involved.  They have an alert system on their phone that alerts them to the address and also shows them the locations of the AEDs.  They are notified based upon the information relayed to the 911 operator (if a cardiac event is not indicated or the person has obviously passed, 911 will not notify the volunteers as there is no need for them to respond). 

The Villages Public Safety Department offers three different CPR/AED classes throughout the year.  All classes are held at Station 44 in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at 3035 S. Morse Boulevard, The Villages 32163. For more information visit the District website:

Dave Fountaine, Vice President
[email protected]