Greetings Friends,

My name is Tweet Coleman, I have the privilege to be the new VHA VP of Central Region. Yes, I consider it a privilege because we are living in one of the most exciting, rich and activity driven places in the world. Many say, Senior Disney Land, I have to agree with that thought.

Let’s all give Ellen “Ellie” Decker an applause for her dedication as the previous VHA VP of the Central Region. Ellie is a hard worker and will do well where ever she puts her attention. Kudos my friend, please be close to answer all my questions as we all move down the VHA highway.

It is 2023 and how exciting to be able to make new promises to ourselves and others. I would like to take a thought from Steven Covey book, 7 Habits of a Highly Effective People, “seek first to understand, then seek to be understood”.  Please share with me your concerns, successes and intentions for living peacefully in The Villages. Most importantly, how can we improve our surroundings? I would like to conduct “meet & greet” in Central District, would you join us?  We need additional VHA representatives in our area, consider being on the team.

In conclusion, please help me share your thoughts and suggestions for our area.  All Good!

With Gratitude ~

Tweet Coleman,
Central Area Vice President

[email protected]